The handsome Karius has signed a free new reserve

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Loris Karius , the handsome frontman, is about to use his free agent signing rights to join Newcastle. Even if the buy-sell market is close. Because the top team Tyneside faced the problem of the last reserve.

According to Sky Sports, the experienced goalkeeper unit at St James ‘ Park had a problem. When Martin Dubravka was loaned to Manchester United for the whole season.

It turned out that head coach Eddie Howe was unlucky for Karl Darlow during Wednesday’s rehearsal , where the ankle ligament was severely injure because the time frame reached the November FIFA World Cup, leaving only Nick Poe left . P is an experienced Mr. Dan.

Causing sporting director Dan Ashworth to enter the free market suddenly and in the eye of Karius, who is out of contract from Liverpool at the end of the 2021-22 season and is still without a ufabet club.  

The 29 -year -old is familiar with the English Premier League , making 29 appearances , 13 Champions League games , 10 Europa League games , four FA Cups and three League Cups.  

While waiting for Karius to agree a job offer for this weekend’s game at West Ham (11 Sept. ) , Marc Gillespie will be a substitute for Pope.