“Bruyne” revealed that Haaland made a shot using a different joke with “Kun”

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Manchester City playmaker Kevin De Bruyne has revealed that his new team-mate Erling Haaland and former colleague Sergio Aguero are both goalscorers. Different in the way of molding to break different types of nets

Haaland has just been nominated for the Premier League Player ufabet of the Month award from six games , scoring 10 goals. Or adding two more on the Champions League stage , equaling 12 kills .  

Of course, many of the goals the 22 -year -old striker has come from the opener from ‘ KDB ‘ , in which he reveal that the method of assisting is different from that of ‘ Kun ‘ , the club’s all-time record goalscorer. 

Bruyne “ Having Haland in the team made my job easier ? To be honest, the work is lighter. But I don’t care . ” Opening his mouth with ‘ TNT Sports Argentina ‘

“ When Erling came to play for Manchester City. He brought with him superstar status , the press followed. that’s normal. He deserves all that he is if he continues to work on himself. ” 

“ Think the rest of us haven’t changed anything. This was a very good team before the guy came in. Haland is still good when he comes. In the end, this is normal. ”

“ I used to play for Manchester City with a spear before ; That is , Sergio Aguero has similarities. But there are differences. ”

“ Erling adapted to us very quickly. but also the part that can be developed further Both because when you are a striker and still score goals. So many people judged that you were doing a very good job. ” 

The next match is to prove Haaland when he faces a tricky ball in the top table like Spurs (  10 Sept. )